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KW | Blogmas Intro 2022

Welcome, December! The holiday season has never been more inviting after the past week Team Wesley has had. My Thanksgiving break included 4/5 of us dealing with pesky Covid-19 symptoms. Although the extra five days of doctor-prescribed rest was well appreciated, my second visit from the Covid monster was much more intense, but thankfully short-lived. Falling ill, especially on a holiday, makes you extra aware of all of the health and opportunities one may take for granted on any mundane day of life. During my couple days of uncomfortable aches and pains, visions of how I'm going to spend my time once my strength returned to me danced in my head. One in particular being participating in Blogmas! 

This year I'm being practical. I've know myself well enough after 34 years to know blogging every day may not be the best goal to hold myself to, especially after all of the unexpected chaos from the past two weeks. So, I'm planning daily posts Monday through Friday. Since the Christmas season is upon us my posts will mostly be Christmas-themed (my Kath & Kim fanatics know how important it is to team with the theme). I'm finishing out the year sharing my weekly planner spreads as I have been for several weeks now, too. It is one of my favorite ways to keep creative at the moment, as well as try to keep my head above the hustle and bustle of the busiest time of year. 

If you'd like to join me for Blogmas 2022, I'm sharing my post selection below to give you a peek at what I'll be posting each day. I'll add the link to each post as they become available!

I'm ready to end this year on a high note. I'll be sharing my first post in a bit... so check back later today to kickstart Blogmas 2022 with me! 

Happy blogging to me and Merry Christmas, dear readers!