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Currently | May Photo Album

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is because I'm very nostalgic. I'm an Enneagram IV, after all! Reading about my life from years ago can make a memory feel as fresh as if it happened yesterday. One day I hope my kids enjoy looking back on these memories as much as I do. And I plan on giving them a l…

My Self-Care Routine

I have a confession to make; I'm no longer a morning person. I used to love waking up early for the extra peace and quiet, coffee in hand and Bible open. I even used to get my exercise in during the early hours of the day. It worked for me then, but this is now, and things have been different since a sweet little …

Currently | May Favorites

One thing I'm currently enjoying: watching Pinterest makeup tutorials. My daughters like to watch with me, so it counts as a snuggle session, too. My amazon wishlist keeps growing with products I'd *love* to try, but don't get out of the house often enough to justify purchasing. However, my hubby (who neve…

15 Songs to Amp Up Your Workout Playlist

A great playlist can change your mood in an instant. I’m much more likely to enjoy the task at hand if I’m listening to music. Especially when it comes to a workout, music can energize you enough to workout harder and longer.  Over the last two decades I’ve made countless playlists to carry me through my workouts. Tod…

Currently | Monthly Goals: May

Happy May! Spring has sprung here in the bluegrass state, and with summer approaching (and my birthday) there are a few things I really want to focus on this month to get myself prepared. After an illness threw me off track mid-April, I stayed in a season of rest longer than I meant to. Now, I'm ready to reset an…

Reset Your Life in 4 Simple Steps

As we're already halfway into the second quarter of 2022, I wanted to ask how you're doing? Did the first four months of the year bring you success or add to your stress? Has the motivation and excitement of the new year worn off? Long story short, it definitely has for me. While I'm often going back and f…