Bake with Me | Christmas Cookies

The holiday hustle has made the past two days go by in a flurry. I had every intention of sitting down to post, but if I wasn't feeling under the weather one of my kids were, and then there is so much to prepare for to get ready for family gatherings over the next few days. Honestly, I feel more hurried than ever this year. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm putting too many expectations on myself. I'm finding myself trying to compare this year to past years. In an attempt to meet all of my self-imposed standards, I realize I'm actually missing out on everything.
So, I'm forcing myself to slow down a bit. I had several posts written out and ready to post as needed, but life finally caught up. I didn't want to end my Blogmas streak so abruptly, so I'm going to share my last few posts over the next few days to catch up and meet my goal. Thank you for following along with me this far! To celebrate the upcoming weekend festivities, I'm sharing my 3 favorite cookie recipes that have become a staple for our household this time of year. I hope you enjoy!

Click the cookie platter to download my recipe cards!