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Currently… March

I haven't made a "currently" post since last year. I had good intentions for the new year, and then again for February, but time marches on whether we like it or not. I figured March would be better than never!  About the welsh word “Hiraeth.” It describes the gentle longing or nostalgia for a place you …

Happy Birthday in Heaven

You would have been 38 years old today. I never imagined having to celebrate without you, but I thank God for the day of your birth. Even though time has continued on, a piece of my heart will always be with you. The pain of losing you is constant, like a shadow that never leaves my side. My only comfort is the hopef…

Team Wesley Celebrates Christmas | Happy Birthday, Christ Jesus

Another Christmas has come and gone. I have enjoyed sharing our family traditions with you, and sharing Advent devotionals each week. Although the Christmas decorations are being boxed up today, I’m going to continue living like everyday is Christmas; a gift to be cherished! God has blessed us abundantly this year and…

Countdown to Christmas Challenge Scrapbook

Today I'm sharing my Countdown to Christmas challenge scrapbook! While a few days got away from me due to illness or otherwise, I tried to make up as many as I could and compiled them here to share with you today! If you want to refresh your memory on the challenge prompts, you can read all about it HERE . I hope …