Hey there, I'm Kendra, & KW is my creative outlet. It's my special corner of cyberspace where I share all about my journey this side of heaven.

I've been Daniel's wife for 13 years and counting (and I plan to keep on counting)! 

Since marrying my high school sweetheart, we've welcomed three beautiful little souls into our family — Ezekiel, Evolette, & Elora.

I'm a University of Kentucky graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education.

I've always enjoyed teaching and writing; at KW I get to do just that! I will be using this platform to share what I love and to do so honestly and unfiltered!

A few things that I love (in no particular order): The Wizard of Oz, ruby slippers, charm bracelets, hip scarves, Shakira, coffee, chocolate, planners and planner supplies, the color red, sequins and sparkles, Bible studies, evening thunderstorms, dancing, making a playlist for every mood or memory imaginable, sweet tea with lemon, being organized, punctuality, nostalgia, Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, period dramas, and the occasional hikes with the fam.

I can't wait to write you. Thanks for visiting my blog today!