Plan with Me | Dec. Wk. 2

Plan with Me | Blogmas 2022 | Dec. Wk. 2

We've made it through the first full week of December! Our family has enjoyed the UK Collage event at mine and my husband's alma mater, spent hours practicing for the Children's Christmas play at church, had a special mid-week, early Birthday dinner for my hubby, and are looking forward to enjoying a Christmas Cabaret show later tonight! This weekend is especially eventful since we will be celebrating Daniel's birthday and our 13-year wedding anniversary, too! It's also our kids' last full week of school before winter break, which means we will have to be getting gifts and goodies ready for their teachers and class celebrations. Shew, the holiday hustle is no joke!

Dec. Wk. 2 Layout | KW

My planner may seem a little bare, but there are plenty of activities, engagements, and (my favorite) Christmas shopping still to do! I decided to stick with last week's layout since it helped keep me organized and prioritized so well. I used this sticker book from the Happy Planner for a cozy and cute Christmas theme (it's currently 40% off on their website right now). I used black washi tapes, rosy red highlighter, and red and green ink for added accents. 

Festive & Fun December Planner Layout | KW

The top section is being used to document my daily Bible reading. I'll be sharing more on how I'm doing my Bible study time next week! The top larger section is just for pretty stickers and important reminders, like my wedding anniversary!

Holiday Hustle | KW

The middle smaller section is to help keep my workouts on track. Even in the midst of the busiest time of year, a little self-care will never go amiss. Lastly, the bottom larger section is for my daily tasks. I've organized them in morning/afternoon/evening sections because it worked so well for me last week. I have been doing better generalizing the time of day to get something done than by estimating an exact time which I'd usually miss and then let the rest  of the day pass unproductively. 

As of today, I'm keeping productive while still allowing myself the flexibility to change plans as needed. I only missed one workout session this week, but realized I should have factored in at least one rest day to begin with. As far as goals for next week go, I need to make sure I'm getting to bed a bit earlier so that I won't have to press snooze so much! Although this week looks like it will be uneventful and chill, I assure you there is lots packed into those seven days, and lots I'd love to share with you all along the way!

For now, I'm signing out and unplugging for the weekend. I'll be back on Monday with more Blogmas!