Plan with Me | Dec. Wk. 3

Planner Spread Dec. Wk. 3 | Blogmas 2022 | KW

Guess what my goals are this week? To be present. Last week didn't go according to plan, so I sat down and decked my planner out with plenty of reminders of the upcoming holiday. Now is the time when each day requires a plan but loads of flexibility to keep one sane. Over the next several days my little family will (hopefully, God willing) be sleeping in, baking Christmas cookies, enjoying Christmas dinners with family, sneaking packages into the house and wrapping gifts in the dead of night so the children won't know what to expect...lots of fun indeed!

Planner Flatlay | KW
Can you see what I see? It's a sneak peek at one of my Christmas dresses.

Fill in My Planner with Me (IG REEL)
Click the planner above to watch me complete the spread!

Complete Planner Spread Dec. Wk. 3
Can you tell I had a lot of fun with the sticker books this time? Well, I did. I really did.

Monday-Wednesday Details | KW
Gotta keep track of my Bible Reading Plan amidst the hustle and bustle. This week I'm finishing up the book of Mark and getting into the book of John. 

Thursday - Sunday Details | KW
Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? I can't wait to bust out the sparkles and celebrate the week away!

As usual, I'm signing off for the weekend. I'll be back Monday with the last week of Blogmas posts!