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Goodbye, July

I know it's been a while since I've posted when my laptop is covered in dust. As is usual for me, nothing has gone to plan. I prepare myself for all of the wrong situations. And now another month has passed and I feel like I have no progress to report for it. Between even more sickness and unexpected events, I…

Vlog Diaries | Clean & Tidy Up with Me

If it were up to me "summer cleaning" would be a thing. After all, you shouldn't only take time to care for your home in the spring. I am all about a daily cleaning routine and have been known to not be able to lay down to rest until my floors have been properly swept and the counters cleared off and wip…

Revisiting My Mission

It's March 2020. I've been home with my family for a few weeks since the beginning of the pandemic. I'm seven months pregnant with my third baby, a girl. It's spring, and I'm sitting outside on a blanket listening to a Compel Writing course podcast about best writing habits. The application after t…

Life Update

I'm sitting at my desk, window open, listening to the thunderstorm. It's been ages since we've last had rain. I haven't had to mow the yard in weeks. Things were starting to go brown, dry, and dull; and I'm not just commenting on the lawn. I wish all it took for me to feel fresh and revived was a …