The 90 Day Journey

Kendra's 90 Day Journey

I first stumbled across the concept of the 90-day journey in October of 2021. It's not the usual fitness challenge with a set meal plan and exercise routine. It's more of a timeline where you give yourself 90 days to incorporate all of the healthy lifestyle habits you've been meaning to. Instead of a desired outcome, it's about the journey and the experience of making health and wellness a priority again.

I had plenty of time to think during my isolation last week, mostly about how much I wanted to move my body and all of the things I wouldn't take for granted once the virus passed. It led me to wonder what would happen if I created the type of environment to allow myself another chance to thrive. I needed something that could fit my own lifestyle as well as my goals. As a stay-at-home mom, I knew working out at home would be imperative. I knew that I would be able to prepare my own meals throughout the day if needed, with little to no meal prep. I took into account my personal goals and the habits I needed to change. I took time to reflect on what helped me be successful in the past and how or if I could translate that into my current situation. I discovered that what I truly need is simplification and silence; what I am craving is to go back to my roots.

Back to My Roots
Once upon a time I enjoyed working out. I enjoyed taking care of myself and I wasn't afraid of my own reflection. Of course, I wasn't constantly comparing myself or digesting post after post of amateur advice, magic cures, or signing up for yet another program promising quick results at a price.

Once upon a time I knew my body. I knew what it craved and what it needed. I may be older, but I still believe I can reconnect to myself and get her back to feeling her best. Maybe even better than before. It's worth a try!

When I first started making my health and fitness a priority, I used what I already had, what was readily available to me, and my own resources to forge my path. And you know what? I got results. I toned up. I leaned out. I didn't need to focus on what anyone else was doing or selling because I was content with what God had already placed in front of me.

By going back to the start, where I found the passion to keep pursuing fitness and wellness on my own terms, I am going to take back all of the confidence that I lost and start enjoying my life again. I already have what it takes. I am already capable. It's just a matter of putting those beliefs, those truths, into action!

Journey > Destination
One of the reasons why I was constantly motivated was because I was documenting and sharing my journey in real time. My cousin Erica gave me the idea to keep a fitness blog, but it quickly turned into a lifestyle for me. A lifestyle I want to get back to. Blogging is already my favorite creative outlet and so I'll be sharing my journey, my story, and everything in between. After all, it's not about the end result; the journey is where it's at!

Owning the Journey
My 90-day journey will be fueled by my goals but, more importantly, help me reclaim my life. So much of myself has been lost since becoming a mother. It is the greatest calling, but not my only one. I am much more than a wife and mother and want that part of me to stop being buried by the former two. I am ready to push myself out of the dirt, a rebirth in a way, and blossom into a woman who is completely confident and whole in who God created her to be.

Follow Along
This summer is the perfect time to revive myself. I'll be checking in with weekly updates here on the blog, sharing absolutely *everything* about my journey. I'll be back on Monday with the recap of week one. I'll be talking about my specific goals in my next post that will be live on Wednesday, so you won't want to miss that one either. The next 90 days are going to pass whether I try or not. I can't wait to find out what all I can achieve when I believe in myself!