Reset Your Life in 4 Simple Steps

As we're already halfway into the second quarter of 2022, I wanted to ask how you're doing? Did the first four months of the year bring you success or add to your stress? Has the motivation and excitement of the new year worn off? Long story short, it definitely has for me. While I'm often going back and forth on making resolutions, I do enjoy the hope and promise of a new year. It gets me reflecting and planning, and I usually come up with the same old spill about how "this year will be my year." If you're feeling like me, going into May and wondering if the rest of 2022 will fly by while you watch another eight months of your life slip away with nothing to show for it, keep reading. If that's not you then, please, teach me your ways and tell me your secrets!

If you don't want to wait for 2023 to come around before you start living intentionally again, a reset may be just what you need, too. I've realized it's never too late to begin again. Renewal can be obtained any month and any day of the week. Luckily for you, I've got few tips to help you get ready to give your life a refresh!


No, this isn't a test, but before you begin you need to understand your "why" and where you're starting from. Grab your journal or open a fresh document and start writing about what isn't working, what is stressing you out, or what is unfulfilling in your life currently. Get all of those worries and fears out of your head and onto paper (or screen). Now, strike through everything you wrote. It's not holding you captive anymore! We're making room for more important thoughts. 

Next, write about your dream life; what is a typical day like, how do you feel, how do you spend your time and energy, etc. Go as in depth as you can. Pour your heart and soul out as you express your deepest desires. Finally, take time to think about how you could start living like that today. (Yep, today!) Now you're ready to move onto the next phase.


This year I started creating my first vision board. Some of it is in my journal and other bits are on a private Pinterest board that I frequent daily. Sometimes you need a refill of inspiration to remind you of what you're working toward. Plus, being creative relieves stress and is a confidence booster! If creating isn't your thing, try listening to an uplifting podcast or reading an encouraging book. Motivation alone isn't going to achieve your goals, but oftentimes when self-discipline is waning, having something to look on (or listen to) is all it takes to reignite your passion.


Once you have identified your "why" and find inspiration to assist you on your journey, the real work begins. Changing for the better takes time, effort, and doesn't always reward you as often as you'd like. Consistency is key! When you've fallen out of your routine or strayed from your plan, having the strength to get back on your path is no small feat. Finding ways to chart your progress can help keep you on track. Journaling about your current obstacles or victories can be beneficial as well. 


Each day is a new opportunity for you to get closer to your dream life. When the unexpected happens, don't wait to reset and realign your purpose and your path. Each day you move one step closer to seeing all of your effort and time pay off.

May seems like the perfect time to renew and restart! Are you with me? I'll be sharing a lot of my personal reset here at KW. It's not too late to start over. Reclaim your journey and let's make the rest of 2022 something to remember years to come!