Currently | Monthly Goals: May

Kendra Currently Monthly Goals May

Happy May! Spring has sprung here in the bluegrass state, and with summer approaching (and my birthday) there are a few things I really want to focus on this month to get myself prepared. After an illness threw me off track mid-April, I stayed in a season of rest longer than I meant to. Now, I'm ready to reset and restart!

Main Goals

May is all about the Big 3: Sleep, Protein, & Hydration. Getting enough of the Big 3 will help set the foundation for future goals. It's no secret that a lack in any one of these areas is enough to disrupt your mood, hormones, and progress. The goal is at least 7 hours of sleep, as close to 100g of protein as I can get, and at least 80 ounces of water.

Wellness Goals

Now that the weather is turning fair, the sun is coaxing me out for daily walks. I'm also a huge fan of the fresh air and Vitamin D. While the big kids are in school, I've been taking Elora out in the stroller during her naptime so she can rest as I push her for a few miles. We both come back home feeling reenergized for the rest of the day. I definitely want to do this at least 4 times a week, weather permitting. 

Mental Health Goals

Last month I took a break from social for a while. I ended up back on it and I've been feeling the comparison creep back in, so I'm going off the grid for the most part again. No Facebook and I may only open Instagram to post an update, but not to scroll! I'm keeping my head out of my phone and my attention on meaningful things, like my children and, of course, my personal goals.

Family Goals

As the school year is coming to a close, it is so important to maintain a routine at home. When summer break starts it's easy to throw all structure out the window and go with the flow. However, that kind of living sets me up for failure and just throws my kids off emotionally. So, we're keeping a normal bedtime and waking schedule. Those two routines alone will help keep all five of us on track and make the transition from school-to-summer and summer-to-school as seamless as possible.

Writing my goals down is a small part of equation. To keep me focused I'll be using a habit tracker and posting it in my kitchen where I will see it every day. Perfection isn't expected, but I do want to stick to my plan as closely as possible. And I created one for you, too! Grab your freebie below.

Kendra Wesley Free Habit Tracker
What’s going on your habit tracker this month? Be back in a few weeks to share my progress!