Currently | May Progress Report

KW May Progress Report

May is a difficult month for me. 19 years ago, an accident took the life of someone I cared for deeply. Ever since then it's been the only month I dread. It's never been my favorite. God knows I never used to look forward to it, and yet He gave me one of my greatest blessings just a few days over two years ago. The month of May doesn't fill me with dread and remind me of loss as much now. When God brought Elora into my life, it was such an unexpected blessing. It gave me a reason to celebrate life again. Sadly, the country is in mourning again after the tragedy in Texas. And I'm finding myself wanting to get May behind me. My heart is so heavy. Words are escaping me.

I'm taking a moment of silence for loved ones lost.

It doesn't matter how many years you've been on this earth; you're someone's baby. I'm praying for the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, for all of the people who will no longer be able to embrace their little one, their loved one, this side of heaven.

This week I tested positive for Covid-19. After 2 years of avoiding Covid like the plague that it is, it was only a matter of time, I guess. Luckily, my symptoms were very mild. I've been isolating myself from my kids, which is difficult for me. I'm never away from them. They are my home, and I am theirs. It's my only job to be there for them. I can't help but feel myself aching to hold my children and kiss their soft cheeks and hold them in my arms. I'm only a room away from them, but it doesn't feel that way. 

In a few days, I should test negative and be released from my quarantine. Then I will be able to take my loves into my arms again. I am blessed and grateful that they are safe and home with me. I am heartbroken for the families of Texas. When I get my chance, I am going to shower my family with love, and pour every ounce of it and all that I am into serving them. It is such a blessing to be able to hold them, spend time with them, and watch them grow. I'm not taking that privilege for granted.

There is no progress for me to report this month. Moving forward will be difficult for many, and my prayers go out to them. Move forward we must, but we will not be going alone. I know, no matter what happens here on earth, that God is in control. He is the beginning and the end. He is near and He is working, and He is our only source of hope and strength to get us through the days to come.