3 Simple & Efficient Morning Routines

3 Effective Routine for Day and Night

In an effort to get my sleep schedule back to normal, I came across a few Pinterest ideas about how to maximize your time. One suggested making not one, but three separate routines based on your time and energy levels for any given day. I liked the idea so much I set out to make my own straight away! It makes perfect sense that you shouldn't allow how your feeling or what time it is dictate how productive you are. With this method you can make every day count no matter what life throws at you!

I have been meaning to sit down and write out what a near-close-to-perfect morning would look like for me. Getting those ideas out of my head and onto paper where I can see them is the first step in creating a new reality. If time and energy were not contributing factors, my ideal morning would go something like this:
Kendra Wesley's Morning Routines

I'd wake up early, around 6 a.m. since it's still summer break, and start my day before the rest of the family is up. After filling up my water bottle, I'd grab my Bible, my current Bible study or devotional, and my prayer journal for some quiet fellowship and worship. Nothing beats starting your day with Jesus! After finishing up my prayers, I'd journal a bit and write out my goals and intentions for the day ahead. I'd follow up with a walk around the neighborhood if the weather is nice, or a living room workout. After getting physical, the family should be awake and ready for breakfast. I'll cook and finally get to enjoy a hot cup of well deserved coffee! Once breakfast is over, I can wash up and do my morning skincare routine, as well as apply a little makeup for an added confidence boost. And now it's onto the day's activities!

Of course, not every day can be ideal. Take this morning for example. I am nursing a cold and feel unmotivated to check off a workout and will probably have yogurt and granola instead of a hot breakfast since I'm low on energy. That's where having a Low Energy Routine comes in handy. For those days when you have the time, but lack the discipline or the ability to follow through with your own expectations. I know my morning wont' be ruined if it's not ideal every day, because I can still be efficient and productive in other ways regardless of whether or not I've worked out or put on my makeup.

Let's not forget those hectic mornings. The ones where you may have overslept or have an early appointment. Throw having to get children ready into the mix and you will most certainly find yourself in a rush! No need to panic, because there are still ways to maximize your time and still start off strong. Combining things like praying while you're getting ready and having a breakfast to-go won't completely derail your day if you woke up late (or on the wrong side of the bed).

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