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Clean & Tidy with Kendra

If it were up to me "summer cleaning" would be a thing. After all, you shouldn't only take time to care for your home in the spring. I am all about a daily cleaning routine and have been known to not be able to lay down to rest until my floors have been properly swept and the counters cleared off and wiped down. There are exceptions to my cleaning routine. For example, this past week I felt poorly and was unable to muster up the energy to tidy up before calling it a night. Things always veer off course due to an unexpected illness; even things like birthday celebrations and special plans can throw the cleaning schedule off track. You end up waking up the next day to clutter and chaos. Well, maybe not the latter, but it can feel like that at least.

Whenever I find myself overwhelmed in the midst of a mess, I like to write out all of the tasks that I'd like to complete. Next, I usually start with a load of laundry. It's the easiest way to make the biggest impact. After that, I tackle one room at a time, checking off my to-do list as I go along. Before I know it, my house is neat and organized and I'm ready to soak it up before the next mess is made!

My latest vlog gives you a glimpse at my cleaning process. What wasn't included was the vacuuming, mopping, several more rounds of pick-up-every-toy-ever, and a few more loads of laundry. While I checked off nearly every item from my list, at the end of the day it's ok if there are a few things to save for another time.

Another thing I like to do while I'm in a cleaning mood is to take note of all of the extra tasks that I'd like to get around to, like which cabinets need a good birthday clean and what areas I'd like to give a good purge and reorganize. No matter what I accomplish, I always rest better when my house is put back together. 

Thanks for tidying up with me today. Happy cleaning!