Goodbye, July

July Currents by Kendra Wesley

I know it's been a while since I've posted when my laptop is covered in dust. As is usual for me, nothing has gone to plan. I prepare myself for all of the wrong situations. And now another month has passed and I feel like I have no progress to report for it. Between even more sickness and unexpected events, I'm feeling lower than usual and am having trouble to try and keep at it. Sometimes the bare minimum is enough, and I know that, especially during my low energy days.

Instead of berating myself for not living up to my standards this month, I'm bringing back my good old-fashioned 'Currently' list to lift myself out of this funk and at least work on my goal of trying to post and write regularly.

Kendra's Currents for July

August is a day away, and with it comes the hope that I can do something with my time. The planner in me is motivated and eager to write out my goals, but let's pray I have the grace to get through if my plans don't materialize the way I want them to yet again.