Abide & Adapt

Abide & Adapt | KW

What happened to Blogust? A rough start turned into one unexpected setback after another. I had such high hopes and good intentions to get back into writing consistently, but my time to do such things seem few and far between what I thought it would be. I already knew two things for certain: I am good at making a plan BUT I am not always good at seeing my plans through.

I get discouraged or lose interest quickly. Time doesn't seem to last as long as it used to when my kids were younger, when I was younger. I honestly think I'm getting less sleep now that my kids are older than when they were still nursing in bed with me at night. Another scary thought rocked me to the core today. Which is scarier? Doing what needs to be done, what brings me joy, while taking on change and climbing obstacles for the next 20 years OR staying exactly the same for the next 20 years.

What I realized is that I can still keep these plans (and dreams) but I need to redefine how I will implement them into my life. If something doesn't work one way, certainly it will work another. For example, I thought I had to be a morning person, do all of my Bible study, and prayer at the beginning of the day or else the day wouldn't be "good." Once upon a time, in college, I would read my Bible at night. Once upon a time, when I was working full time, I would read my Bible on my lunch break. Why do I have to insist to do everything the exact same way, when that method may not compliment my current situation anymore?

I can change! I can make a positive and impactful change, but that means something, anything, has to actually be DIFFERENT!

I can still abide by the plans I feel God calling me to, but my methods should adapt to where I am currently; not where I used to be and not where I think I should be, but right here, right now, in this moment.

I'm several days behind, but I'll still blog when I can, because that's what I want to do this month. However, I may do it differently, but that will be just fine. I learning to lean into the flow of my life instead of fight against it. Thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you this (extremely early) morning. Your regularly planned Blogust posts will now resume!