10 Habits to Commit to This Month

10 Habits for August | Blogust 2023

I woke at 4:50 a.m. this first day of August, to my youngest crying because she was hungry. I vividly remember her older brother waking early one morning when he was around her age because he had to have a banana. I was able to get her to sleep with the promise of waffles once the sun woke up and it was breakfast time. I didn't stir again until 6:50, when I woke to the light filtering through the bedroom window and realizing my alarm never sounded. 

You see, this morning was going to be my "day one." I had written out 10 goals for this month on Sunday that I wanted to start implementing as a special way to celebrate my birth month. I woke up Monday just fine, thinking of it as a trial run (which was exceedingly successful). I was completely blindsided by the alarm clock debacle. My "me time" was cut short by over half and I knew it was going to throw off the entire rest of my day.

Now it's less than an hour until the second day of August. I may wake up on time but I will surely be tired. However, one of the reason I chose 10 habits to focus on this month is because I typically will try to do 20 or more (unsuccessfully) and give up when I see blank boxes where those check marks are supposed to be. 10 is more than a handful, but also more manageable for me. Once I start to fill in those boxes without thinking I'll be ready for the next handful!

What are those 10 habits? I thought you'd never ask! Here's my list of 10 habits to start prioritizing this glorious month of August!

1. Wake up on time.
I know, ha ha, right? Hopefully that was the last time, but it is important for me to have that time to myself each morning before the day gets going.

2. Prayer & Devotional.
I want to start my day talking to God and reading a devotional to help set my intentions for the day. 

3. Bible Study.
The Word is alive and is the source of all the answers and comforts I could ever desire. I want, no, I need to be immersed in it to help keep my head and my heart on straight.

4. Daily Workouts.
I want to get back into making time to improve my fitness and overall health with movement. I also want to focus on improving my posture, core, and pelvic floor from my three previous pregnancies and C-sections. Splitting up a longer workout into two shorter workouts might help me stick to this commitment in the long term.

5. 100 Oz. of water daily.
You'd think after nearly 35 years I'd remember to stay hydrated, but it's never too late to try, try again!

6. Eat meals at home.
I've been slacking in the kitchen for a while now. Cooking doesn't have to take long or require tons of ingredients, I just need to make it a priority to really focus on what I prepare for myself and my children. Cooking all meals at home is the best place to start!

7. Stay on top of my medications.
Postpartum depression and anxiety are nothing to be ashamed of and neither is taking antidepressants. I sometimes forget to stay consistent with taking my medicine, and since I'm prone to feeling low when I'm not on schedule with them. Not much more to add for this one; just keeping it transparent.

8. Get ready for the day.
Being a stay-at-home mom means I am at home all day for days. I typically don't worry about makeup or trying to dress my best, but I think if I put forth the effort it will improve my confidence and overall mood. 

9. Write, blog, and/or read.
Every day this month I want to do one or all three of these to make time to be creative and do what I enjoy so that I don't waste time doom scrolling.

10. Go to bed on time.
Again, ha ha, because I'm writing this way past my scheduled bedtime, but sleep is important for me to function optimally and since I have a tendency to be a night owl, getting my sleeping schedule on track will do plenty for my overall health and wellbeing.

And that's my 10 habits to commit to this month! I'll be back tomorrow with my next post, hopefully after waking up on time!