About Those Plans…

Look, Mom, I’m being consistent! I told myself to write/read/blog this month, but I’m letting the day guide me as to when that will happen. So far, I read my Bible this morning after giving the baby her breakfast while waiting for my company to arrive. And now, after the lunch bunch are settling down, I am here writing you!

It’s not easy breaking the mold I created for myself that told me I wasn’t productive if I didn’t do it all before the house wakes up every day, but I’m trying and today it’s going very well!

It’s been a few months since I shared a planner spread, and since August is when I’m trying to get my life together, I’ve got to have a pretty place to keep track of it all. My Wellness edition Happy Planner has been good for me, but I’m looking forward to not having to cover up the prompts in my next planner. I’m kind of limited with how I can design and decorate at the moment, but plain and simple never goes out of style. 

I chose a lot of color for my monthly spread, and added banners and balloons since it’s my birthday month. I kept the colorful concept for my weekly spread since I wanted to use my Faith Happy Planner stickers this time around. Sitting down each week to go over the schedule is a lot more fun when stickers are involved! In another week or so my new Whimsical Seasons planner will arrive and I can’t wait to get more creative with my layouts!

By the way, The Happy Planner is having their virtual warehouse sale this week - head to their site for up to 80% off planners, stickers, and other accessories!