Plan with Me | Jan. Wk. 3

It's Monday, so you know what that means; another planner layout! I'm enjoying my day off so far. I slept in for an extra hour, already made a grocery run, watched a movie musical with my girls, and now I'm spending some time writing to you! Mondays are my favorite.

This week I used yet another new sticker book. My husband is going to have to buy me a new place to start storing them before long. This week I decided to stick to one sticker book to help me design my layout, and added pops of color with some stencils and highlighters. 

I can't mention this enough, but this creative time really does help me each week. I am able to do something I enjoy while also feeling like I'm keeping my life together. A few wins from last week were: 1) sticking to my morning routine and 2) keeping things flexible. Now that I'm getting used to the daily flow of things, I can start focusing on adding a bit more in here and there to really elevate my progress.

I switched the layout a bit for this month. At the top I'm going to document my fitness goals for each day. Hopefully I'll manage some meaningful form of movement each day. It's the one thing I really want to add back into my life for several reasons. I'm still using the larger section to go wild with the stickers, but it's also for reminders and other daily things that are super important. I'm doing the first week of Bible Study Friday readings, so I wanted to make sure to take note of that. If you don't know what Bible Study Friday is just take a look at this post. Lastly, I have a section for all of those daily to-dos and tasks that, although mundane, help me keep myself feeling productive.

Here's to another week of this race we call life. Thanks to the long weekend, I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead!