Currently… January

After this week, we will officially be finished with half of the first month of the new year. For a minute there I felt like things had sped up too much; the kids resuming school, schedules becoming jam packed, and routines being established. I made every attempt at *trying* to post every other weekday morning, my own self-imposed schedule. I still had to honor my priorities and at times, the writing has to be put on hold. But don’t fear, I’m almost done with the study guide that’s coming out this Friday! And once my brain catches up with the rest of me and my new normal sinks in, I’ll be sure to get back into the swing of things before long. For today, I’m keeping it simple with a little “currently” update. 

The past several days I’ve had The Saturdays’ album Finest Selection on repeat. I also believe Shakira may have something new coming out soon!

Besides my Bible, the only thing I have time to read at the moment is the Bible Study I’m doing — Amos: An Invitation to the Good Life by Jennifer Rothschild. 

Since my hubby was gifted an electric kettle (thanks to me) the whole household has been enjoying it and I’m having wayyy too many cups of hot cocoa with cool whip! Since it’s Wednesday, that means it’s date night and I will be enjoying nachos later, too!

My Sonshine, Zeke, is 10.5 on the 19th! We celebrate half birthdays with a little family outing for ice cream!

Tonight is the season finale of Willow! I’m stoked to watch it during date night later tonight! I’m also rewatching Anne with an E and Emily in Paris

Now that my sleep schedule is no longer on hiatus, I’m enjoying my quiet hour each morning. There’s no sweeter, more satisfying way to start the day than with the Word and a steaming cup of coffee!

January, you’re already something. Hope your month is going well, friend!