Bible Study Fridays | Details & Dates

Friday got away from me. It seemed more fitting to share the new Bible Study Friday (BSF) post on an actual Friday, but I digress. Life happens and yesterday gave me another chance to choose my priorities and be flexible / versatile and just go with the flow. This weekend I'm working on batch writing posts for next week and beyond, so hopefully I can keep myself on my M-W-F posting schedule. I know punctuality is extremely important to me, so I apologize for posting the BSF details late.

Now, I wish to cordially share this invitation with you...

Bible Study Friday will comprise two weeks each month throughout this year! Each month will have a topical theme and specific chapters from the Bible to read accordingly. The readings will cover one chapter a day for 14 days. On the Fridays of these two weeks, here on the blog, I'll be writing to you with a special review and reflect study session. Throughout the week you can study at your leisure and join in with me on Friday for a virtual group study! January's Topic is:

Becoming A Christian

Your reading calendar, should you accept your invitation, is available as part of the study guide! Just click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button on the image below. I curated this special guide to help you during our BSF sessions together. 

I am looking forward to reading God's Word and studying with you!