Plan with Me | Jan. Wk. 2

The first full week of January was a remarkable success! My progress was, in part, due to focusing on what I wanted to add to my day instead of what to replace. For starters, I wasn't completely focused on becoming physically new, as I have in the past. My "glow up" can be an internal one — starting with my heart — and work its way to the outside for all to see. Another aspect contributing to this week's success was due to returning to a regular sleep schedule, which helps me wake up early enough to have quiet time before getting ready for the day. Whenever I start my day with Bible study and prayer, my day goes much more smoothly than when I skip it. 

To recap from last week, my yearly goal is to make the most of every opportunity and this month's goal is to exercise flexibility. Instead of trying to make all of the changes happen all at once, I'm taking life day-by-day to better focus on my priorities. Those priorities being: spiritual, physical, mental, and relational. I'm keeping God first, taking better care of myself (not to lose weight and look better, but for my overall health and wellness), and being more present and intentional with my family and loved ones.

A few things from last week that I want to keep up:
✨ 5:30 a.m. wake up
✨ Posture and core work daily for mobility
✨ Present in the moment = less time scrolling social media mindlessly)
✨ Spending free pockets of time being creative = stress relief
✨ Two loads of laundry morning/afternoon
✨ Unplug/In Bed by 10:30 p.m.

A few things that I'd like to include this week:
🌟 Cardio workouts 3-4x a week (especially an outdoor walk, weather permitting)
🌟 Implement a cleaning routine that is flexible, especially for deep cleaning tasks
🌟 Intentional time with Daniel, ideally after kids bedtime, not just our weekly date night

The inspiration for my planner spread this week was bright colors and hopeful affirmations. In a way, I'm  At the moment, I only really want to track my daily workouts and to-do lists. The remaining space is where I can get creative and use my sticker books. Designing my planner layout is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress!

As always, there will be plenty of things that pop up and threaten my carefully laid plans, so I want to continue to make the most of every opportunity — pleasant or otherwise — and give myself plenty of grace while I recover from a perfectionist mindset. No matter what, a new day is definitely a gift from God, and He always provides for me exactly what I need most. 

I'm ready for January Week 2!