Plan with Me | Sept. Wk. 4

Plan with Kendra Sept. Wk. 4

It's taking me a bit longer to get back on track than I thought. I had hoped to have made more progress by now, but I'm grateful I didn't backslide too much. I know where my baseline is, and what I have to achieve to get back to it. Plus, after two months I think it's time to take it a step further and push myself a little harder. 

We had another round of sickness go through the house. Although the last time I kept myself accountable, if not slightly on schedule, but I wasn't as disciplined this time around. My sleep is suffering and all seems to go downhill from there. I'm sleeping in to make up, then oversleeping which pushes my Bible study behind and when I don't start my day off right nothing seems to go right. 

I sat down today to go over my monthly habit tracker for the first time in over a week and there are more blank spaces than Taylor Swift could ever sing about. While I can make up a Bible study session or two, the rest (like unplugging by 9 and getting to bed by 10) will always keep me feeling like I'm falling behind. 

That's life though. Trying to keep everything balanced so you don't tip yourself over the edge and ruin your progress on one hand or your responsibilities to your family on the other hand. Vent over. I'm taking today to help switch gears and planning to make it to bed on time if not earlier and make Wednesday a day full of check marks on the good ol' habit tracker.

Kendra’s September Week 4 Layout

My planner layout this week was inspired by my sister's birthday. She's a pretty plant lady, the most fashionable person I know, and also one of my most favorite people ever. I hope she's having an amazing day today because she deserves it!