Continuing as Planned

Kendra's October Planner Layout

I took an unexpected hiatus from posting. Plans failed. My sleep began to suffer again. Once my routine went awry it seemed every other aspect of my life followed suit. It's really not that out-of-sorts for me though, is it? I often find myself in a good stride only to be derailed for a time until I set back on the path again. There's only so much spontaneity I can handle before I buckle. 

In an effort to force myself back into productivity, positive the motivation isn't going to pop up anytime soon, I sat down this weekend and opened up my planner for the first time this month. Already my Monday plans are out of whack since my sweet Evie woke up feeling sick today. But keeping her home doesn't mean the day is wasted. I simply have to be flexible and find different ways to realize my goals. For example, working out indoors, using pockets of time in between meals and cleaning to Bible study, and being intentionally careful not spend time scrolling social media or staring a screen for too long.

My true goal this week is to jump back in like the last three weeks didn't throw me off. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not "too late" for me and I still have plenty of time. God woke me up this morning for a reason! I'm using that knowledge to help motivate me throughout the day even if my feelings don't want to match up. 

My intentions this week are to stay hydrated, unplug early each night to get my bedtime routine back in check, limit mindless activities that don't add value to my life, and to take each day for what it is: a blessing. 

It's good to be back. I'll be writing you soon!