Color Me {Deep Autumn} | Color Analysis

Deep Autumn Color Analysis

I recently discovered color analysis while browsing Pinterest one night after my baby fell asleep in my arms. I was wired from a long day, and wanted to scroll my cares away for a while. Usually, I try to unplug by 9 p.m. to give my brain a break, but my interest was piqued when a quiz to find out my seasonal color palette popped up on my feed. I've been aware of the colors that look best on me for some time. Any earthy color or jewel tone seem to make my features pop more than pastel or bright shades. Still, I wanted the quiz to tell me exactly what my season and color palette would be and I've been daydreaming of my perfectly curated capsule wardrobe for weeks now.

If you haven't heard of Color Analysis before, a simple search on your favorite search engine should suffice. There are plenty of free quizzes to take or you can go a step further and pay for a personal analysis. I just stuck with the freebies and got the same answer across all of the platforms, so I recommend starting there first. 

I, Kendra Wesley, am a Deep Autumn!

The characteristics of a Deep Autumn range from the following:
  • Brown to brown black hair with warm undertones
  • The darker shades of brown, green, and hazel eyes
  • High contrast between darker hair/eyes and lighter skin
  • Neutral-warm, golden, or red skin undertones
  • May have freckles and tans easily
The color palette of a Deep Autumn consists of:
  • warm hues
  • dark values
  • neutral chroma
Sister seasons that a Deep Autumn can borrow colors from are:
  • Warm Autumn
  • Deep Winter
A Deep Autumn stuns in:
  • Dark wash denim
  • Mocha or cognac leather
  • Bronze, gold, copper, pewter metals (no shine, more depth)
Deep Autumn Neutrals

Deep Autumn Reds and Oranges

Deep Autumn Yellows and Greens

Deep Autumn Blues and Purples

I'm excited to start building my wardrobe with items that compliment my features. I have a few pieces already, and will share those with you soon! Do I have any Deep Autumn sisters out there? What season are you, beautiful?