Chapter 34 | Rebirth, Progress, & A New Plan

August Week 4 Progress KW

Hello, my name is Kendra, and I'm *really* good at planning. I also lack significantly in the actual following through with those plans. Or do I? Chapter 33 came to a close Tuesday as I woke up to sweet baby cuddles and a homemade happy birthday banner. The rain came down, but it didn't drown out the joy of the blessing and opportunity of being a year older. While looking back on my birthday week, not a whole lot went to plan. There were a few situations that popped up and threw me for a loop, but sprinkled throughout was lots of love and time well spent with my people, and allowing myself to be present fully even if that meant deviating from my previously planned out to-do list for each day.

I have a good feeling about 34. 

This is the year for my rebirth, for a true revival. In the past three weeks alone I have been flourishing in ways that I haven't seen for myself in years. I'm sleeping well, eating less, losing weight, managing stress, and consciously trying to live out the Truth that I start each day with. The question is: how do I keep this season of increase and growth going? I guess it's time for a new plan, but let's give last month's progress its due first.

August Week 4 After the Pen

I ended August strong! I committed to a new daily routine right from the start. Even when appointments, auditions, and illness popped up I still managed my time while learning to be more flexible and forgiving. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally living out the changes that I've been wanting to put into practice for years. 

Birthday Week Before the Pen
Birthday week before the pen...

Birthday Week After the Pen
...and after!

While I wasn't able to keep to my self-imposed blog posting schedule, I do plan to try and be regular in the coming weeks. I filled out a new habit tracker for September and will keep updating my happy planner each week to keep the momentum going. I am definitely a huge fan of my current daily routine, so that will be staying the same. I am also going to continue walking for exercise and add in a few days of strength training a week for an extra confidence boost! Sleep has been a huge game changer, so unplugging at 9 and having the lights out by 10 is a must for me. I do so much better when I am well rested. My 5 a.m. start with Bible study is my favorite part of my day. Although sometimes it gets cut short due to mommy duties, and a few time I slept in, I still make it a priority to sit down and open my Bible each day or listen to the Word. There truly is power in the Word of God. The time I am spending with Him each day is invaluable to me. I can't encourage you enough to start your own practice of spending time with God!

And now it's nearly time to pick up my babies from school. We've got a three day weekend ahead of us and I am looking forward to all of the extra time we're going to be spending with each other in the next 72 hours. My birthday week isn't over yet and the celebration is still going strong! And I have a feeling I'm going to have lots more to celebrate during this new chapter in my life. 

Hello, 34. I am so ready for you!