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Workout at Home with Kendra Wesley

One of the things I look forward to (second to my sacred morning time, of course) is my daily neighborhood walk with my little one. After I drop off her big siblings at school, we'll take a loop around for nearly 1.5 miles before heading home for the day. Watching the sunrise, as well as the dose of Vitamin D, added with the fresh morning air does my heart and soul so good! 

Of course, this week marks my least favorite week of the month. I was feeling less energetic and motivated, so I opted to workout from my living room for a few days until I could get back outside. I've only ever had two gym memberships in my life. Funnily enough, one was also where I was employed, and I visited both only a handful of times. Gym life is not my kind of life. I'm a homebody and therefore a workout-at-home kind of woman.

Luckily for me, I've never been short of options for living room exercise. I began my fitness journey years ago doing Tae Bo and Leslie Sansone videos with my mom and sister. I graduated to The Firm, Jillian Michaels, and even added in the BellyTwins for some extra fun! Once I became a mom working out at home became even more important, and I came across Tone It Up on YouTube that offered challenging and engaging workouts that made me feel amazing in my postpartum body!

This week, when I was searching up a few videos to add to my schedule, I knew I couldn't keep these gems to myself and wanted to share with you my favorite living room workouts that are sure to make you sweat! You can find all of these workout videos for *free* on YouTube thanks to the trainers listed below. Check them out for yourself and get in a good at-home sweat session today — you won't regret it and you may end up enjoying it more than a trip to the gym!

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