Plan with Me | September Goals

Plan with Kendra September

Another week and the beginning of a new month = a new planner layout + setting goals! This week my hubby took me to a few of my favorite stores to stock up on planner accessories to finish off my birthday week. I usually like to prep my planner for the week ahead on the weekend. Although I've already celebrated with a pumpkin cream cold brew, it just doesn't feel like Autumn enough to reflect the change of the season on my pages this week. Instead, I opted for "plant lady" vibes. I am not a plant lady myself, but my sister is and September is her birth month so seeing the pretty plant stickers reminds me of her. I'm also loving the muted autumn-inspired color palette, too. You can't go wrong with a pop of gold either!

September Planner Layout by Kendra Wesley

For now, the top row is just for pretty stickers. I'm not sure what to add there. It is a place to set intentions, but I feel like my intentions for each day are pretty much the same. Maybe I'll figure out something else to use it for later on.
The second row is for my priority list and my meal plan for the day. I like checking off those boxes!
The third row is for my workout schedule. This month I will be adding three strength training sessions along with my daily walk. This week calls for a lot of rain showers, so I'll most likely be working out inside.
The fourth row is for my daily appointments and to do list. I have an important call to make and some extra curriculars for the kids, but other than that my week is wide open. I'll most likely use the extra time to deep clean around the house. 

I filled out my September habit tracker as well to get a look at how I'm progressing for the month. Most of my goals will remain the same, but I'd like to try and track my water intake and my training sessions, too. I'm also planning on posting three times a week!

That's all that's new for this month. Each week I'll show my planner layout and at the end of the month I'll share what they look like after the pen! My main goal is to keep on keeping on, because my current routine is working so well for this season of life. Think I can top last month's progress? I can't wait to prove you right!