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Kendra's Birthday Month

Is it even my birthday month if I don't have a wish list prepared? I am like a kid at Christmas time during my birthday month. Can't help it — sorry not sorry. Gifts are a major aspect of my love language (like 85%) and I wanted to create a curated lists of products to help give my loved ones a few ideas... just in case they'll need it. When I started putting together my wish list I wanted to focus on things that would bring value to my life, quality over quantity, and items that I would be able to use for years to come. Honestly, there isn't one certain gift that I want to receive over another. I'll honestly be over the moon if I was gifted a Zero bar. I try to find something to look forward to each month and it just so happens that August is my birth month and that's all the reason I need!

Kendra’s Bday Wish List 2022

You can find my complete wish list HERE!