Back to School Daily Routine

Kendra’s Daily Routine

Last month I shared 3 simple & efficient morning routines to get my day started whether I slept in or not. I created those routines during summer break when I had a lot more time on my hands and children that would (hopefully) sleep in. Now that summer break has ended and school has resumed for my children, my mornings are now bustling with activity as I'm trying to pack lunches, make breakfast, and get everyone dressed for the day ahead. I didn't want to lose that time to myself, mostly because when I start my day with God's Word I have a much better attitude and outlook on the day as it progresses. And I'm also a much more pleasant wife and parent. In order to have my sacred time *and* fulfill my responsibilities to my family each morning, I had to tweak my ideal routine into something that would include all of those priorities. Not only that, but I also knew the rest of my day would run a lot smoother if I had a plan prepared for each task I wanted to fit in before the bedtime routine. 


In order to start my day with Bible study, I have to get up before the baby. This means that my alarm is set for 5 a.m. on school mornings and 6 a.m. on weekends. This is nonnegotiable for me. It also gives me a chance to pray over my family before they arise and cast all of my cares and worries out of the way so that I can better serve and love on my people. I've also been enjoying keeping a daily diary to record my feelings and things in case I ever need to look back on it.

In order to get my children fed, dressed, and off to school on time, I'll need about 45 minutes. From the very first day of school I set the structure of the morning as follows: breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, fix hair, & gather backpacks, water bottles, and whatever else is needed for the day. I want the kids to have enough time to go at their own pace while still walking out the door on time. Punctuality is next to godliness in my book. It's better to be early always! Since our commute is short, we don't have to really plan travel time. Knowing what you absolutely *need* to have accomplished before you're out the door is key to making your morning go smoothly. 

I used to try and fit a ton of chores while also getting the kids ready. It usually left me frustrated, rushed, and led to a lot of bickering. Now I'm leaving all of the admin stuff for after the kids have been safely deposited at school. It allows me to focus fully on my children so that I can love on them and be a positive influence in case they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Making beds and washing the breakfast dishes can wait. There’s no such thing as loving your children too much or spending too much time with them. A clean home pales in comparison to sending your loved ones off feeling loved and supported.

I know from experience that some weeks you're on top of it all and others you're struggling to do the bare minimum. Being mindful of what is truly a necessity can help during these times. It's okay to rest and let things slide if you need to. You can always pick back up later in the day... or worry about it tomorrow. These times do not last forever. 

After the kids are in bed (or any other time when you're children are occupied) can be a time to prep things for a smooth morning. Emptying the dishwasher, folding a load of clothes, or packing lunches ahead of time can save you some stress and a few minutes the following morning. If you're awake and have the energy, get stuff done! You won't regret it. Why wait for tomorrow if you have time today?

Structure doesn't have to mean the exact same every single day. Life happens, appointments pop up, and other events that can't always be planned ahead of time. After my sacred time is complete, I'll fill out my planner with everything that I'd like to accomplish before bedtime. Sometimes I check everything off, and sometimes I don't. But I always do better when I have a plan and work out when I can fit something in between commitments.

Lastly, don't work against yourself. Trying to overhaul your lifestyle in a day can lead to defeat. Be aware of what you'd like to maintain, what you'd like to add, and what truly needs change. It may take a few days to get these habits down, so grace is a must. 

Be gentle and patient with yourself. Your day will be productive and you will be content with all that you've accomplished in no time!