Currently… March

Currently March | KW

I haven't made a "currently" post since last year. I had good intentions for the new year, and then again for February, but time marches on whether we like it or not. I figured March would be better than never! 
About the welsh word “Hiraeth.” It describes the gentle longing or nostalgia for a place you cannot return (or maybe never was). A desire for returning to the home of your soul. It’s much more than a feeling of homesickness, and it describes exactly how I’ve been feeling for a while. 
Besides Hiareth, I’m exhausted. I’m not sleeping well lately, even though I feel tired all of the time. I also feel conflicted because I have the mind to be productive but I’m lacking the energy physically to even get started. 
The familiar rituals of spring. Now that my season of wintering is coming to an end, I fully expect to sow seeds and experience bountiful growth!
Caramel coffee. Coffee in general. Having more sunlight & longer days. 
Plans for future blog posts. Designs for my Etsy store. Progress on how I intend to make progress by summer haha. And list after list to try and get my life together.
The gift of each new day. The gift of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. 
Web articles about Shakira’s new album that’s releasing this week. And recipes for high protein meals that I’d like to try. 
New episodes of The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Murdoch Mysteries, and Father Brown!
The first half of Shakira’s new album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, anticipating the new tracks that will be released tomorrow!
Of ways I can put my gifts and talents to good use!