Hot Chocolate Party | Our Newest Tradition

Hot Chocolate Party | Kendra Wesley

This year we started our newest family tradition! The kids worked so hard this semester at school and did amazing on their exams, so we wanted to kickstart Christmas break with a little hot chocolate party to celebrate! I posted about our Christmas break bucket list in yesterday's post; I combined a few of our activities into one for this super fun evening. Our hot chocolate party included: hot chocolate + all the toppings, matching Christmas pajamas, and all of our favorite board games!

Each year I'm amazed at how fast my babies are growing up. And each year there is more and more that we can do together to make meaningful and lasting memories. My prayer is that they look back on all these family evenings spent together with a smile on their face as they make their own traditions with their families one day. My goal is to soak up every second of this season with them! This little party night was the best way to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Team Wesley Hot Chocolate Party | Kendra Wesley

I made our hot chocolate in the crockpot this year and everyone loved it! I have included the recipe down below! We also love the Land o' Lakes packets that come in several delicious flavors as well. We heat water in the electric kettle and have a warm cup of cocoa in minutes! We love to top ours with marshmallows and whip cream. I also bought chocolate and peppermint stirring spoons, caramel drizzle, and white chocolate peppermint bark to garnish our cups this year. I am excited to see what we can come up with at next year's party!

Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe | Kendra Wesley

Happy Blogmas & Merry Christmas!