Christmas Break Bucket List

Christmas Break Bucket List | Kendra Wesley

The counters are cluttered with cards and goodies galore. The kids are playing from sun up until well past sun down. Although part of taking a break means to take a pause from the daily routine, I wanted to make a point to maximize our time together this season with a few fun family activities. Trust me, our family is far from perfect. Our kids can squabble with each other over anything and my husband and I often find ourselves repeating the advice our parents once gave us. This year, I'm not even letting bad behavior take away family fun time. The more time we spend together, the better! We eventually all end up laughing and having a good time anyway!

Depending on your family's schedule, an intentional bit of fun every day may be the prescription you need, or you could double up on a few things a day with a break in between if that suits your preferences more. If possible, sit down with your family (maybe during dinner time) and discuss what each person would like to add to the bucket list! If you run out of time during the holiday you can always make another bucket list for the next month or season!
Team Wesley's Christmas Break Bucket List | Kendra Wesley

Team Wesley's Christmas Break Bucket List includes:
  1. Reading of the First Christmas from the Gospel of Luke
  2. Attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service
  3. Spend a night looking at Christmas lights
  4. (Catch up) and complete our advent calendar readings
  5. Bake and decorate cookies
  6. Have a hot chocolate party
  7. Family game night (sequence, uno, and trivial pursuit are a few of our faves)
  8. Make Christmas ornaments or other crafts
  9. Wear matching Christmas pajamas
  10. Dance party to Christmas music
  11. Take family photos in our Christmas Sunday outfits
What would you put on your list? Each year we try to keep our usual traditions and start new ones! Making a bucket list is a perfect way to organize all of your holiday fun!

Happy Blogmas & Merry Christmas!