Plan with Me | Sept. Wk. 2

Plan September with Kendra

The first week of September didn't go to plan. I ended up falling ill mid-week and continued to slack off throughout the weekend. First it was sleeping in, then it was staying up late. By Sunday afternoon I was in a funk and craving to get back to what makes me feel alive and energized. The night ended with my son falling ill, and so this Monday is starting off different than what I had planned. That's how life goes, doesn't it?

Although I will be changing the structure of the day to take care of my baby boy, I can still use the time at home to accomplish those life-giving things. My husband once told me "different doesn't mean wrong." He may have been talking about how we load the dishwasher differently, but applied to my current situation, just because today isn't going according to my checklist doesn't mean all of those things should be thrown to the wind. My schedule is up in the air today, but I am learning to adapt and be flexible in order to keep myself accountable. Instead of buckling under the extra stress, I'm accepting the challenge to fit the pieces together in a new way. 

Before the Pen - September Planner - Kendra Wesley

This week may not be going as planned, but in a few days I'll be rewarding myself with a trip to the salon. Having something to look forward to helps me get through the less-than-glamourous moments. And having a plan keeps me focused on my goals, so that no matter what pop ups, I'll be able to adjust and still keep myself on course.

My goals haven't shifted much from last week's. I'm still wanting to add in three strength training sessions along with my daily walk. I am also going to focus on unplugging at 9 so that I can start my days at 5 with Bible study. It's no coincidence that the days that have been frustratingly lacking for me are the ones where I didn't start with Bible study and prayer. And I am already feeling the effects of the last two nights of going to bed after midnight. I am motivated to get back on track, even though I know I'll have some obstacles to get through. 

In other news, it's picture day for the kiddos this week, which got me looking back on my old school photos. I'll be sharing those later this week + a before and after from my trip to the salon! I'm staying positive and looking on the bright side of things, but feel free to lift my baby boy up in prayer so that he can get over this bug soon.

After the Pen Progress - September Planner - Kendra Wesley