*FREEBIE* Bible Reading Plan | Autumn 2022

Kendra's Autumn Bible Reading Plan

Part of my morning Bible study is to read through my Bible. Of course, I'll be reading the chapters and passages that are taken from my podcast/study plan, but I want to also read a little extra, and a chapter a day is the best way for me to keep in the Word and meditate on what I've read throughout the remainder of the day. In August, my goal was to read the books of Romans, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter. Now that September is here (and I love a good plan) I have chosen the books that I will be reading throughout the upcoming Autumn season. I'm sticking with the New Testament, and am going in no particular order. Care to read along with me? Print out the plan below and let's study the world together!

Autumn 2022 - Bible Reading Plan by KW