2023 | Year in Review

Year in Review | Kendra Wesley

Today I'm looking back on the highlights of 2023. Although plenty didn't go as planned, like the three visits we had to have a repairman fix our washer, dishwasher, and then our dryer during three different months. We still enjoyed a heap of blessings, and as long as we're together, Team Wesley can take on anything 2024 throws at us!

1st Quarter | Kendra Wesley
We began 2023 at midnight after watching the ball drop in Times Square. We played games and had a glowstick dance party... we danced and laughed our way into 2023! In February we gave each other valentines, of course. March gave us a special school presentation from Evie's class for Multicultural night. We ended the first quarter of the year with a pizza party!

2nd Quarter | Kendra Wesley
Evie dedicated her life to Jesus on April 23, 2023. Daniel and I are so very blessed to call her our daughter and cannot wait to see all that God holds in store for her! Elora had her third birthday on May 21. It's hard to believe she'll be in preschool soon; where did my baby go? June is one of my favorite months because it kicks off with summer break and Evie's yearly dance recital!

3rd Quarter | Kendra Wesley
July is one of my favorites because so many amazing people came into the world during this month: my dad, my beautiful niece, my grandfather, and my firstborn son! He completely changed my life forever 11 summers ago, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I turned the big 35 in August (although, deep down, I feel much much younger). My older sister celebrated her birthday in September; she's my bestest friend in the whole world!

4th Quarter | Kendra Wesley
October is another favorite of mine. My Momma was born in October, along with my aunt, the lovely Baby Lizzy, and my own Evolette Pearl! She will be in the double digits next year. I really need time to slow down a bit, please! November gave us Thanksgiving Day of course, and I was surrounded by all of my favorite people. December is the icing on the gingerbread for me! Celebrating my husband's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and then Christmas — it's the perfect way to end another journey around the sun!

2024 is nearly on our doorstep. My prayer is that I continue growing closer to God, grow as a wife and mother, and make each and every day for the next 366 days count! I'll be back on the blog this weekend with some freebies for you and to share my vision board for 2024. Hope the last few days of December are wonderful for you! 

Write you soon,