Currently… November

In less than 7 weeks 2024 will be here. It feels like each year flies by faster than the last. I've tried on and off since January to make regular posts, but finding time to write has been few and far between. Luckily, I'm making more time for the things that I enjoy nowadays. In a few weeks I will be posting everyday (except for Saturdays) for my 2nd annual Blogmas series! It was so much fun last year, I just can't wait to share what I have planned for this year with you! First, I have to get you caught up on what's been happening since my last post in August, so here's what I'm up to currently...
Who Are You Following? by Sadie Robertson Huff
I started this book a few weeks ago. I know it's sad that I'm still reading it, but when I do get a chance to sit down in silence long enough to read it, I can't put it down. I also bought the guided journal to dive even deeper. It's been on my heart lately to take a break from social media, especially because I am easily distracted by everyone else's blessings and become blind to my own. When I was growing up, I didn't have access to so much information all of the time. Sometimes the internet is a blessing, but it's obviously a curse a lot of the time, too. I'll share more about my break from socials in a bit...
Dancing with the Stars is on every Tuesday night at the house. My daughter and I started watching it years ago; we both love dance and the sparkly costumes! We're team DJ all the way this season! For date nights, my hubby and I are rewatching Father Brown, Midsomer Murders... our usual picks from BBC. We're also watching the new season of the Great British Baking Show.
I love the soundtrack for The Lost King. The film was amazing. I watched the documentary back in 2013 when Zeke was just a little baby still. I've always been fascinated with the Plantagenets and the War of the Roses. It's a beautiful soundtrack; I love to write while listening to it.!
Merry Blogmas 2024 has been on my mind and I'm about to start writing drafts, making freebies, and spreading some Christmas cheer! You may have noticed some updated photography on the home page. It's never too early to deck the halls in my opinion. 
My social media break has been so good for my soul. I'm not only feeling better mentally, I'm sleeping better, spending my free time more productively, and taking better care of myself and my family overall. I may not be going back any time soon...
I created a 3-year cover-to-cover daily chapter bible study plan over a year ago. I'm currently reading the book of Ezekiel. I'm also doing an Advent study that I will be sharing here as part of this year's Blogmas series.
Every day I'm becoming more mindful of the small wins. Any amount of progress is worth celebrating. I'm trying to be intentional about celebrating those little victories with my kids as often as I can. For me, I'm doing so much better mentally and it's helping me to get stronger each day physically as well.
My prayers lately have been sparse. It's an area I need a lot more discipline in. My next goal should be to make prayer time a daily occurrence, not just before meals. Honestly, my prayer request for all of you praying people is for my family to heal from some of the wounds we've inflicted on one another so that we can end the year with love and peace, not bitterness and hurt feelings.