Plan with Me | Jan. Wk. 4

It's been said before, but it feels the same today: January was just a bonus track of 2022. In these last four weeks alone, my life has gone topsy-turvy, one obstacle right after the other. It's been challenging for me in many ways, but I don't want to complain. I was never left alone despite how I may have felt. When my depression started to creep back up and my heart got too heavy to hold on my own, my lovely sister was here to get my mind off of things and help me find laughter once again. When I was so tired from adjusting to a new daily routine and I wasn't feeling like I could live up to the new expectations, my hubby brought home a hot dinner and let me take the evening off to rest and recharge. When not one, but two disasters hit home, my mother was there to speak peace back into my soul, and to be the help that I desperately needed. 

It's hard to admit sometimes, but we all can use a little help every now and again. Whether it's moral support or financial or just simply sharing a few laughs, I'm beyond blessed and grateful for the men and women in my life who help me keep from falling apart.

I figure things have to start looking up now, right? I don't want to go into this week expecting the worst and allowing my neurotic nature get the best of me. So, I'm trying to show up and keep on making the most of every opportunity. Even though January looked more like a sideshow than productive and progressive for me, I've got to keep going into each day knowing what I do matters. I may not see any instant gratification, but kingdom work isn't always rewarded on this side of heaven. 

I'm adopting a "slow resolutions" method, and not letting the last three weeks of little to no progress distract me from my goals. This week it's all about studying, hydrating, moving, and writing. Four simple goals but they have the biggest impact on my life.

I'm hoping in the coming weeks I'll have more progress to report. I don't want to sound like a broken record, always going on and on about my goals with little to nothing to show for it. I'll be looking for ways to keep myself accountable in the meantime. Now that I'm used to my new daily routine I can focus on how to make better use of my time. The hour for dreaming is up! It's time to get up and take action!

Happy Monday!