Plan with Me | Sept. Wk. 3

Plan with Kendra September Week 3

My recent circumstances caused my regularly scheduled posts to be postponed for a bit. Friday I was supposed to be sharing the results of m recent trip to the salon, but that appointment had to be rescheduled due to 2/3 of my kids falling ill with a nasty cold that kept them down for several days. Not only that, but I had to make an early morning ER visit with the baby due to breathing difficulties, which meant sacrificing the "want to do" list to be able to simply survive for a few days after less than an hour of sleep in a 24-hour period. Needless to say, the things I planned didn't go to plan. And the start of this week wasn't the best, but I'm making it, and I do have every intention of getting back on track.

The next few days I'll try to catch up on the posts I missed, but for now I have to share my planner layout for this week. Inspiration struck early, and I am grateful for that now, because I had my planner all prepped for this week well before the long nights and sick babies needed me. Now that the worst of the week is behind me, there's quite a few things to look forward to! For starters, Autumn is here! This is supposed to be the last unbearably hot day of the year, and hopefully the forecast holds true and will be cooling down. I'm craving a long walk in crisp autumn air! My firstborn daughter will also be celebrating her golden birthday soon - and we take birthdays seriously for Team Wesley! The beginning of a new season is always a welcome change for me. It feels like the refresh button of my life has been pressed so my head and heart can delete the leftovers of the previous season to make room for better, happier moments to store up.

Kendra's September Planner Layout Week 3

My main goal for this week is to give myself grace. I don't want to beat myself up for the workouts I didn't do or the chores I let go while motherhood called me to other (more important) things. And after an exhausting few days, taking a day or two to just be and not make myself try to make up for lost time, is definitely what I need. And since the first day of Autumn is around the corner, that will make for the perfect time to celebrate the start of the season by rededicating myself to my goals and giving my daily routine a makeover fit for the start of Fall!