Currently | Summer Photo Album

August Memories

Time got ahead of me and I wasn't able to post monthly photo albums like I originally planned. Since Summer is officially over I thought today would be a good time to catch up and celebrate the season with some of the highlight reel. Unfortunately, we all took turns with allergy and sinus issues for weeks at a time, so most of our summer plans included rest. However, there were the a few silver linings that allowed us to get out and soak up the summer sun. I know this time next year we will all be looking forward to making up for lost time. 

May Memories
The end of May marked my littlest baby's second birthday. My husband also received the Teacher of the Year award for the second time! While we were able to start strong with park dates and fun outings just in time for the next highlight of the summer...

June Memories
My beautiful Evolette has been dancing since she started walking. Her first dance recital was the highlight of the month. Seeing my little star shining on stage, performing her little heart out, and executing her choreography perfectly just made my heart burst! I'm already looking for her next recital! This was definitely a proud momma moment!

Father's Day Memories
Father's Day was up next. I am forever in awe of this man and his love for his children. There is nothing he will not sacrifice for their wellbeing and happiness. I knew I chose a good one, but I had no idea it would just keep getting better and better!

July Memories
July is a month full of celebration! Three birthdays for three of my favorite people plus Independence Day! We were finally able to have a pool day and go out for some birthday fun at our favorite Mexican restaurant and a double birthday party for our best cousins!

August Memories
And finally, August stole the show and it was back to school and the start of my new favorite morning routine yet. I am enjoying my early morning Bible study and walking my big kids to school. Afterward me and the little one like to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood before doing all the admin things around the house. I'm hoping there's no end to the winning streak I feel like I'm having. Bring it on, Autumn! I'm ready for you!