1st Annual Blogust | Blog Challenge 2023

KW | Blogust 2023

August is a month for new beginnings. Sylvia Plath wrote that August was the “odd uneven time,” with summer nearly gone and fall on the horizon. It’s the perfect time to reset and refresh before the new season arrives.
August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know. -Tove Jansson

 August is the most common birth month. In fact, it's my birth month, and I take my birth month seriously. My birthday feels like New Year's Day; I have another year of growth behind me and the hope of another fruitful year ahead.

Since I've been missing around the blog for a few months, the idea occurred to me one night to challenge myself in the days leading up to my birthday at the end of the month. The best gift I can give myself is to live how I've always imagined myself living. Letting another year pass while I dream away will not do this year. Not. At. All.

So, this is the Blogust Challenge, in honor of my birthday, where I will pour my heart out to you every day until I turn the big 35! It's like Blogmas, only in August!

I'm so excited to start writing again and to challenge myself to stop procrastinating, put my phone down, and get creative once again!