Bible Study Friday | Session 1.1

The first week of BSF is in the books! I especially enjoyed sampling a few of the study methods this week. Only reading a chapter a day really helps me to dive deeper into the text and spend a little more time learning the context of the passage. In fact, a few times this week I went ahead and did a few days of study because I couldn't put the Bible down. I wish I could experience that feeling every time I sat down to Bible study! And now, I'm going to share my personal Bible study notes with you for our first Bible Study Friday session!

This month's topic is: Becoming a Christian. 

The readings so far this week set the chronological background for exactly why Christ was sent for us. It all started in the garden, but first let me share the highlights of this week's readings.

GENESIS 3 - The Fall of Man

God had the plan in motion all along. 

Probably the most difficult thing for me to wrap my head around is how the serpent was allowed in God's garden in the first place. We will probably never know the answer this side of heaven, but all that we need to know can be found in the Word! 

It's hard to imagine a perfect world, but that was the reality of the garden of Eden. It aches to know that it all went sour with one question: "Did God really say..."

Satan has twisted and perverted all that God intended to be good. He intentionally sowed doubt into Eve's mind and made God's command seem unreasonable, even ridiculous. Through his deception, Eve herself added to God's words by saying they were not allowed to touch the fruit. 

Disobedience begins with questioning God. Now, Adam and Eve were in desperate need of a Savior — death was introduced into the world. God reached out to Adam, questioning why they were hiding from Him, who they believed over Him, and if they were ready to accept responsibility for their actions.

God reaches out to us, too.

In the midst of paradise, God made the first sacrifice for man. An animal was killed for skins to cover the man and woman's nakedness. That sacrifice was the first token of God's tender love and mercy, and would be the first of many sacrifices that would be made until the ultimate and final sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

ISAIAH 52 & 53 - The Plan for Salvation and Redemption from Sin

From the beginning, God told the prophets long ago about the Messiah and how He would bring salvation for the world. To save this dying world, a servant would be sent to purify and consecrate God's people once again. Redemption from sin is available to all who believe. Christ's suffering and death was foretold before His birth; God had revealed that He would take on all punishment for sin once and for all.

LUKE 15 - God Rejoices Over Those Who Repent

God rejoices and the angels in heaven celebrate when one of His children repents and returns to Him. God's rejects no one who turns to Him and through His unconditional love accepts anyone who believes into His arms.

JOHN 3 - You Must Be Born Again

The only way to experience eternal life is through Jesus Christ. Since Jesus is the Light of the world, to believe in Him is to live in His Light. To be born again is referring to a spiritual rebirth, being sealed once and for all with the Holy Spirit. Once you belong to God no thing, or man, nor anything in heaven or on earth can separate you from Him.

JOHN 10 - Jesus is the Only Way

Jesus is our Shepherd. His Word is His voice. We will know His voice when we spend time in His Word. We will know His ways from all others to more we know His Word. You cannot know the Son without knowing His Word. 

ACTS 8 - Faith is Action

Becoming a Christian isn't merely a statement you make. It is a way of life. Believing in Jesus leads you to His Word which leads you to take action and live out what He teaches. There is a change, a transformation, when you become a Christian. You desire what Christ desires. Through His Word and acts of faith, you are a Christian. 

In Conclusion, John 3:16 says that God loved the world so much that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. We all are guilty and stained from sin. We all deserve the death that our sins require. And yet Jesus took on every single sin of every single person when he hung on the cross. If we accept His gift of salvation, you and I can stand before God one day, in robes as white as snow.

I loved studying with you this week! Let's keep at it and I'll be back next week with the conclusion for this month's study and a peek at next month's!